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Alice and Bob and the Third Party
Alice and Bob and the Third Party title.jpg
Alice and Bob and the Third Party.png
Appears in Chapter 4
Tagline “somebody is listening”
New Goos Bright Green Goo
Goal 30 Goos
OCD ≥42 Goos
Time bugs Yes
Music “Welcome to the Information Superhighway”
Previous level Graceful Failure
Next level The Server Farm
An old electronic surveillance system! These were built a long time ago to monitor communication between Highway Bandits. But it was hard to know who's a bandit and who's not. It's probably best to monitor everyone just to be safe. I wonder if it still works?

—the Virtual Sign Painter is Listening
[Alice and Bob and the Third Party]

Alice and Bob and the Third Party is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the seventh level of Chapter 4. The player must extend the Infected Goo structure to the green pipe, cover the floors with blades with Block Goos and then use the remaining Block Goo to catch Bright Green Goos. Appropriately, this level introduces the characters Alice and Bob.


Be sure you know how high your walls should be. With such a large amount of Bright Green Goo, it could easily fall off, but it isn't too much of a big deal.

OCD Strategy

There are only 43 Bright Green Goos here, so be careful. The only real threat to this OCD is actually the blades at the bottom. Once you have your walls and bridges ready, a good strategy is to hold a block near Alice's mouth and let the Goos out in little spurts. This should stop them from going over your blocking wall. If they fall in the water, boost them up with a block.


Video strategy

Solution: Alice and Bob and the Third Party (Chapter 4)

OCD solution: Alice and Bob and the Third Party (Chapter 4)