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Balloon Goo
First appearance Flying Machine
Color Pink
Abilities Gives lift
Can be detached
Max attachments One

Balloon Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They are actually revealed in the Epilogue as not being actual Goo. They can attach to many structures, including screws, but nothing can be further attached to the attached Balloon. Balloon Goo attachments cannot be used to for loose Goo to traverse and attached Balloon Goo don't activate and cannot be collected by pipes.


  • To prevent unstable structures from collapsing
  • Used to lift things off the ground


  • In Regurgitation Pumping Station, towards the end of the level there are Balloon Goos that look like eyes. This species of Goo has been given the name Eyeball Goo. These eyeballs cannot move freely on a structure unless attached; that is, if dropped, it will bypass Goo structures and fall into the water. These can also be attached to the bottom of structures that are floating in water to create an anchor-like effect.
  • In Observatory Observation Station there are Goo that look like fish. These make sounds just like the Balloon Goo, but cannot be removed once attached.
A screenshot demonstrating the lifting techniques of Balloon Goo.