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Beauty Goo
Albertt Beauty.jpg
First appearance Beauty School
Color Reddish pink
Abilities Contains 18 Small Beauty Goo which are collected in the red pipe
Of all the goo, and of all the balls... who's the prettiest of them all?

the Sign Painter
[Beauty School]

Beauty Goo is a species of Goo found in World of Goo. They are first introduced in Beauty School and have the ability to be broken down into 18 smaller goos that are used for collection in their own special red pipe.

Beauty Goo has a sister Goo named the Ugly Goo which is most often used to aid the Beauty Goo. The game implies heavily that the Beauty Goo are prettier and better, and that the Ugly Goo should be used for sacrificial acts to help the Beauty Goo, as referenced in Genetic Sorting Machine.


Beauty Goo are used solely for being broken down into Small Beauty Goo and collected in the red pipe. For example, in The Red Carpet, a Beauty Goo is sent flying up into some gears, broken down, and then collected. But in Genetic Sorting Machine, three Ugly Goo must be ground up to fill a dangerous, spiked pit that the Beauty Goo cannot cross. Beauty Goos cannot be used to build structures nor picked up by mouse.


  • In Product Launcher, there are three giant dark black Goo Balls that are slightly smaller than the Beauty Goo, but have the same effect, except the balls released are flammable and explosive.