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Black Goo
(Common / Common Black)
Common Black.jpg
First appearance Going Up
Color Grayish black
Max attachments Two
Not to be confused with Dark Black Goo, a Goo of the same color.

Black Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They are described as the simplest type of Goo, with only two legs, and no extra abilities. Because of their simple ability and appearance, Black Goo can be found in many early levels, and even some later chapters.


Black Goo are mainly used for the purpose of building things; towers, bridges, etc. they can be collected and built. Unlike Green Goo, Black Goo cannot be removed and placed again (with the exception of hitting gears or edge of the screen). Because their legs are set permanently, this makes some levels difficult to complete without retrying, whereas an Ivy, for example, can keep climbing over and over in Ivy Towers, provided there are enough goo to stick to the walls.


A bridge made of Black Goo, with several still moving about

Black Goo is most easily confused with Shadowed Goo, which appears in sunset levels, such as Ode to the Bridge Builder. Shadowed Goo is not officially a type of Goo, but it should be noted that there is a change present as the sun sets. Also, Shadow Goos can pass through each other. Black Goo can also be confused with Dark Black Goo, a Goo that is similar to Black Goo, except they have a darker color, no facial features and cannot be picked up. In Chapter 4, a new species of Goo is introduced: Square Goo. These Goo are identical in effect to Black Goo, but opposite in color and shape. Black Goo are round and light black and a pixel is green, shaped like cubes, because Chapter 4 is set in supposed 3D. Also, in World of Goo Corporation, the final version of the sandbox, a mixture of Black Goo and Green Goo named Corporation Goo is seen. The Goo featured is black, with two legs, but it can be removed and placed again.

Large Black Goos, which are only found in the Product Launcher, seem to be a combination of Beauty Goo, Small Beauty Goo, and Red Goo. They cannot be picked up with the cursor.

There is another variation of black goo in the title screen, where there are small black goos gathered near the World of Goo Corporation. These can be picked up with some difficulty, though it is unknown whether it can be joined together.