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Block Goo
The two different shapes of the Block Goo:
square and rectangular
First appearance Road Blocks
Color Gray/light brown
Abilities Do not connect
Can stack on each other

Block Goo, later Applications and Games, is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. There are two shapes, square and rectangular. They are very unique, not being small, soft balls of Goo, but being large, hard blocks. Their primary function is to build upwards and support structures, as seen in Road Blocks and MOM's Computer, but they can also be used to stop other Goos' momentum. Grabbing and releasing a Block Goo counts as a move which is important for attempting OCD. Like most other Goo, they can be destroyed by hazards which are able to destroy most Goos and their structures.


Block Goo come in two versions, square and rectangular. The rectangular are wider, and when placed vertically, can travel large distances upwards. However, they are very thin and collapse easily. Square versions can't stack as high, but are more stable. Due to their size and shape, these Goo can be used for the often impractical technique of smashing structures of Goo.


  • In MOM's Computer, there are Goos functionally identical to Block Goo, however they are named "Application" and "Game" Blocks. Applications take the shape of the square Block Goo, while Games take the rectangular shape. They have the same size, only differing in cosmetic appearance.
  • In Deliverance there are objects vaguely resembling Block Goos. Texturally they resemble basic Block Goo, however they are neon green in coloring and are not directly controllable.
Square Block (BlockHead)
Rectangular Block (RectHead)
Application Block (WindowSquare)
Game Block (WindowRect)
The Square Block (left) and the Rectangular Block (right) Application Blocks (left) and Game Blocks (right)