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Blustery Day
Blustery Day title.jpg
Blustery Day.png
Appears in Chapter 2
Tagline “here come the windmills”
Goal 9 Goos
OCD ≥18 Goos
Time bugs Yes
Hazards Windmill
Airflow to the right
Music “Jelly”
Previous level Fly Away Little Ones
Next level Welcoming Unit
The windmills were supposed to be a source of cheap clean energy to power the entire world. But they weren't enough. And a different source of energy had to be found.

the Sign Painter
[Blustery Day]

Blustery Day is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the third level of Chapter 2. In this level, the player must use Water Goo and Balloon Goo to build a structure around a giant windmill with the wind blowing to the right. This level features a vivid visual style not found in many other levels of the game, with thick black trees bent over in the wind and a deep red background.


Try to extend the legs far and attach Balloons to every attachment until the structure goes above the windmill. Put most of the Balloons above the windmill to be extra careful. Then continue to place more attachments building downwards (no more Balloons needed) and let the wind take the structure to the pipe. If it goes too far because of the wind, add some weight to the end. Alternatively, from the beginning, don't use any Balloons at all. Just build right through the base of the windmill.

OCD Strategy

It's the same way you do the normal level, but you have no extra Balls to add weight at the end. It's fairly difficult without the trick mentioned above.

Video strategy

Solution: Blustery Day (Chapter 2)

OCD solution: Blustery Day (Chapter 2)