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Chain title.jpg
Appears in Chapter 1
Tagline “balance”
Goal 15 Goos
OCD ≥25 Goos
Time bugs Yes
Music “Jelly”
Previous level Tumbler
Next level Flying Machine
The Goo Balls on this side didn't seem to like the Goo Balls over there on that side... I don't know, they look the same to me. Totally delicious.

the Sign Painter

Chain is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the seventh level of Chapter 1. In this level, the player must use Green Goo to wake sleeping Black Goo and then build a tower to the exit pipe. Balance and gravity are important concepts in this level, which are later expanded upon in levels such as The Server Farm and Whistler.


The main challenge in this level comes from building up to the pipe. It shouldn't be too hard, either build fast or make a strong base.

OCD Strategy

Never build with Black Goo, and remember to detach every Green Goo you built downwards with. Build up to the pipe and hang from it, then put all the other Goos in.

Video strategy

Solution: Chain (Chapter 1)

OCD solution: Chain (Chapter 1)