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Chapter 1
“The Goo-Filled Hills”
A portion of the Chapter 1 map screen
A portion of the Chapter 1 map screen
Goos introduced Black Goo
White Goo
Green Goo
Dark Black Goo
Balloon Goo
Eyeball Goo
Characters met The Sign Painter
Levels 1. Going Up
2. Small Divide
3. Hang Low
4. Impale Sticky
5. Ivy Towers
6. Tumbler
7. Chain
8. Flying Machine
9. Fisty's Bog
10. Tower of Goo
11. Ode to the Bridge Builder
12. Regurgitation Pumping Station
Followed by Chapter 2
From across a small divide, another mysterious pipe appeared up in the sky. Its opening looked warm and inviting. The Goo Balls seemed to wonder where it might lead.

the Sign Painter
[Small Divide]

Chapter 1 is the first chapter of the video game World of Goo. The byline of the chapter is "The Goo Filled Hills." Chapter 1 takes place in summer. The song The Goo Filled Hills plays on the map. This chapter introduces the player to the basics of World of Goo and introduces several species of Goo. As the player progresses through the levels, more of them are unlocked on the Chapter's main map screen, eventually leading up to the level "Regurgitation Pumping Station." After this last level is cleared, a cutscene conclusion to Chapter 1 is seen and Chapter 2 is unlocked. After clearing the third level in this chapter, Hang Low, the additional chapter World of Goo Corporation is unlocked.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Unlike some later chapters, (e.g. Chapter 4) Chapter 1 is not a story-focused chapter. However, a story does exist. The first plot development is when World of Goo Corporation opens. The Corporation plays an even larger role in later chapters. The second plot development is at the end of Chapter 1.

Chapter ending

After clearing the last level of Chapter 1 (Regurgitation Pumping Station), a cut scene is shown. In this cut scene, the Goo structure built in Regurgitation Pumping Station is seen floating in the air, carried by the Eyeball variation of Balloon Goo. Along the side of the screen, slowly scrolling text concludes the chapter. The text reads as follows:

From very high up and with some totally huge new eyes,
the Goo Balls could see very far.
In every direction, they could see unexplored new islands,
each crawling with undiscovered new SPECIES OF GOO.
The gameplay possibilities would certainly be endless!
The Goo Balls hoped a brave adventurer would explore
their new discoveries...
... as they drifted higher and higher, they knew they
would never be back...