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Chapter 2
“Little Miss World of Goo”
The Chapter 2 map screen with the Beauty Generator pictured
The Chapter 2 map screen with the Beauty Generator pictured
Goos introduced Water Goo
Beauty Goo
Small Beauty Goo
Ugly Goo
Small Ugly Goo
Characters met Beauty Generator
Levels 1. Drool
2. Fly Away Little Ones
3. Blustery Day
4. Welcoming Unit
5. Beauty School
6. Leap Hole
7. Whistler
8. Volcanic Percolator Day Spa
9. Beauty and the Electric Tentacle
10. The Red Carpet
11. Genetic Sorting Machine
Preceded by Chapter 1
Followed by Chapter 3
The windmills were supposed to be a source of cheap clean energy to power the entire world. But they weren't enough. And a different source of energy had to be found.

the Sign Painter
[Blustery Day]

Chapter 2 is the second chapter of the video game World of Goo. The byline of the chapter is "Little Miss World of Goo." This chapter introduces a few new Goo species like Water Goo and Beauty Goo. As Chapter 1 took place in summer, Chapter 2 takes place in fall. The storyline of this chapter is revealed in second level where World of Goo Corporation turns out to be searching for a new power source after the windmills failed to provide enough energy to power the world. Eventually, this leads up to the level "Genetic Sorting Machine", which, upon completion, unlocks Chapter 3.

Chapter ending

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

After clearing the last level of Chapter 2, a cutscene plays. In the cutscene the (as the game calls her) "giant lady thing" is shown waking up, with text explaining that for many years, her tremendous "Beauty juice" powered the world. Unfortunately, as she grew older, her Beauty and energy started to die. Thanks to the player's actions, however, her beauty has been restored, causing the world to fill with energy again. This energy, among other things, opens up a factory in the south.


Creation process for Chapter 2 map screen

  • This video shows the creation process used by 2D Boy when making Chapter 2's map screen: