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Chapter 4
“Information Superhighway”
The top portion of Chapter 4's map screen
The top portion of Chapter 4's map screen
Goos introduced Launch Goo
Square Goo
Infected Goo
Block Goo
Bright Green Goo
Characters met Alice
Levels 1. Hello, World
2. Bulletin Board System
3. Grape Vine Virus
4. Graphic Processing Unit
5. Road Blocks
6. Graceful Failure
7. Alice and Bob and the Third Party
8. The Server Farm
9. MOM's Computer
10. Deliverance
Preceded by Chapter 3
Followed by Epilogue
Welcome to the Information Superhighway! A land of beauty! A land of science! Philosophy! Architecture! Fan fiction! Everything you see, from the water to the leaves are made from sweet free flowing information. See if you can catch some information on your tongue! Of course... the whole place was abandoned years ago. This must be all that's left.

[Hello, World]

Chapter 4 is a chapter in the video game World of Goo. The byline of the chapter is "Information Superhighway." Unlike the other chapters, which are associated with seasons, this chapter is simply referred to as "meanwhile..." in place of a season. As Chapter 3 was a satire on industrialization and factories, Chapter 4 is a parody of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

When Chapter 4 begins, its graphics are an interesting change of pace from previous chapters. For one, the familiar Black Goo has been replaced by a different looking type of Goo, Square Goo. The entire color scheme of the world appears to be green and black, with the occasional red. As Chapter 4 progresses, levels such as Road Blocks appear, which return to the original style of graphics. Another irregularity of Chapter 4 is the introduction of species of goo which are handled very differently from other species, specifically Launch Goo, Infected Goo, and Block Goo. These Goos are unique in that, unlike all other controllable Goos, they do not have to be attached to a structure for their actions to count as a "move," merely launched or picked up.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

I received streaming video when you crawled out of the frog's mouth. And indexed blog updates when you exploded the Robot's head. Everything seemed to be going so well.

[MOM's Computer]

Chapter 4 begins where Chapter 3 left off, with the player traveling to the now abandoned Information Superhighway (a parody of the Internet) in search of a way to counteract World of Goo Corporation's "Product Z" and return the world to 2D. Eventually, the player visits the level MOM's Computer, where they meet MOM, a spam program that sends ads and other unwanted mail to previous users of the Information Superhighway. The player must convince MOM to send all the spam in the history of the Superhighway to World of Goo Corporation. After the Corporation is signed up to MOM's mail service, she sends an Undelete Pill to the Recycle Bin of the Information Superhighway (see Deliverance). The capsule "undeletes" all of the spam in the recycle bin, which is sent to World of Goo Corporation. A small sign informs the Corporation of their "new mail!" before the Corporation promptly explodes from the overflow of spam. A message displays that "World of Goo Corporation is destroyed" and the Epilogue is unlocked.