World of Goo Wiki
First appearance Flying Machine
Color Dark black
Not to be confused with regular Common Goo, or the Immobile Black Goo.

Dark Black Goo is a species of Goo found in World of Goo. They have no abilities except to be collected. They are often used as a safeguard for levels that get out of hand. For example, on a level with spikes and no time bugs, these Goos are necessary to prevent the player from getting to the pipe with no Goo balls left. This is not to say that the levels they appear in only require their collection; usually a few extra Goo balls are necessary to complete the level.


Dark Black Goos

Dark Black Goo is usually simply for collection. However, in Whistler, their weight is used in conjunction with the whistle to balance the structure so that it tilts towards the preferred side of the level to get either Water Goos or shorten the route to the pipe. Additionally, they can be used in the initial structures of some levels (e.g Graceful Failure).


In Product Launcher, there are three Large Black Goos. These are similar to Beauty Goo, because they both release smaller Goos. The Goos released by the Large Black Goo are, in fact, a slight variation of the Dark Black Goo. The only difference is that the released Goos are flammable and have 1 eye.