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Deliverance title.jpg
Appears in Chapter 4
Tagline “recycle bin and back again”
Goal Clear the way for the Undelete Pill to reach the bottom of the level
OCD ≤7 moves
Time bugs No
Music “Regurgitation Pumping Station”
Previous level MOM's Computer
Next level Infesty the Worm
Balancing on the edge of the Big Recycle Bin, the last of the Goo Balls didn't seem to know that they were extremely explosive or that all the mail and files in the history of the Information Superhighway... were about to be undeleted!

—the Virtual Sign Painter

Deliverance is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the tenth and final level of Chapter 4. The player starts on top of the Recycle Bin with a red Undelete Pill. It turns out that Launch Goo and Square Goo are flammable. Moreover, Launch Goo also have explosive properties. The player must set the Launch Goo on fire so they'll break up the Square Goo structures and Block Goo. The final barrier must be destroyed by launching the Launch Goo into a line structure on the right, causing it to swing so it's possible to set the whole structure to flame. The goal of this level is to get the Undelete Pill to the bottom of the Recycle Bin.


As you've probably seen a couple times, there isn't much strategy besides what's above, except for the

OCD Strategy(.)

From the structure at the top left, wait until a Launch Goo moves to the bottom right corner, and try to launch it so that it passes through the fire and lands on top of the destroyable block at the top right. After, do the same thing again to land in the small hole on the right. From here, really just hope for luck and for the Undelete Pill to get all the way down to the web without any more moves required. From here, complete the level the normal way.

Another way is to launch one of the goos at the start from the left, through the fire, and into the gap between the destroyable blocks and the right side of the bin. This can tend to destroy the first layer. If you're lucky, the structures inside the bin will fall just right and destroy everything down to the bottom. Just like the above strategy, complete the level as normal from here.


  • It is possible to force the Undelete Pill through the bottom webbing without setting the structure on fire; this requires the player to hammer the piece downward by striking it repeatedly with Launch Goos.
  • This level is actually a recolored and redesigned Regurgitation Pumping Station.
  • The sound effect used when the spam is being lifted is to be used again in Observatory Observation Station.
  • When you access the level without accepting MOM's terms and conditions, 'Error 403: Forbidden' will appear. In real life, 403 is an internet error code for the 'Forbidden Error'.
  • When the Undelete Pill reaches the Recycle Bin, the pop-up that asks the player if they want to continue appears, but sadly the no option is not there. It will instead have the options: "ok" and "yes".

Video strategy

Solution: Deliverance (Chapter 4)

OCD solution: Deliverance (Chapter 4)