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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

“End of the World”
A portion of the Epilogue map screen
A portion of the Epilogue map screen
Goos introduced Fish
Levels 1. Infesty the Worm
2. Weather Vane
3. Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee
4. Observatory Observation Station
Preceded by Chapter 4
The telescope at the top of the island was supposed to see very far! But it can't. When a large corporation mysteriously exploded, the sky became filled with dust and smoke. And nothing can see past it. If only the telescope could get a little higher... it might see what's up there.

—closer and closer, the Sign Painter
[Infesty The Worm]

The Epilogue, often referred to as Chapter 5, is the final chapter in the video game World of Goo. It continues where Chapter 4 left off and takes place in spring. The byline of the chapter is "End of the World." The chapter is mostly plot-related, containing a mere four levels, the least of any chapter. The Sign Painter is the main character in this chapter, taking the place MOM held in Chapter 4.


It is revealed that all Goo Balls, except "pure scientific Goo Balls" have been sucked away to the ruins of the World of Goo Corporation Headquarters, where they are building a tower. The remaining Goo Balls try to work their way up to to the island to reach where a telescope is located. In the final level it is revealed that all the goo has been sucked away to the former World of Goo Corporation main building, and the massive telescope has been rendered useless as it cannot see past a layer of smog and dust, which is hinted to be a result of World of Goo Corporation's Deadly Demise. However, some Fish variants of Balloon Goo in the water connect to the telescope and pull it out of the ground, where it passes the layer of smog. It rises and sees the tower of Goo that has been built at the former World of Goo Corporation Headquarters, that can also see past the smog. The telescope falls back to earth, unable to see what the Goo Balls were building towards. However, a final cutscene reveals their goal: the Green Goo attached to Eyeball Goo that escaped at the end of Chapter 1 managed to reach a far-off planet populated entirely by Goo Balls.



  • This chapter contains the least levels of any chapter.
  • This level introduces the least amount of Goos of any chapter.
  • The map screen for this chapter has no machinery, unlike previous chapters.