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Eyeball Goo
First appearance Regurgitation Pumping Station
Color White body; black dot in middle with brownish tint; black border
Abilities Similar to Balloon Goo
Can be used as anchor
Max attachments One

Eyeball Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They appear in only one level, Regurgitation Pumping Station, the last level of Chapter 1. They have nearly the same abilities as Balloon Goo; that is, they can attach to structures and give them significant lift. It should be noted these Goo can technically have more lifting power than normal Balloon Goo, as referenced in the final cutscene. In another difference from Balloon Goo, these Goo will fall through structures and not move around on them. They are also notably larger than Balloon Goo.


These Goo are used in the process of lifting the structure made by the player in Regurgitation Pumping Station to get it to fly past the top of the level. They can be used to anchor structures floating in water, additionally (see below).

Eyeball Goos anchoring a structure.


These Goo possess an additional lifting ability than Balloon Goo; they can actually drag structures down if they are floating in water. Simply attaching an Eyeball Goo underwater to a structure floating in water, like the structure made in Regurgitation Pumping Station, will cause it to pull down. This, however, stays true to its name. It does not sink the structure, it merely absorbs the hectic momentum floating structures gain, and keeps it bobbing in one spot. If one has, say, three Eyeball Goos being used as anchors and three used as balloons on the same structure, they will even out. The use of this technique is, regrettably, unused, as the only goos capable of this appear in just one level where the technique is not mandatory to complete the level.


Eyeball Goo are a different type of Balloon Goo, which possess the same lifting ability with less potency. Balloon Goo also do not have the anchoring ability, nor do they pass through structures rather than join and move about them. Unlike the Balloon Goo, the Eyeball Goo can go within pipes. People have not noticed this feature due to the fact that the Regurgitation Pumping Station does not have a pipe for the Goo to go into.

Role in story

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Chapter 1

In Chapter 1, the Eyeball Goos found in Regurgitation Pumping Station are responsible for the exploration of the four other chapters, as they were the goos that lifted the Green Goo structure and allowed them to see the rest of the world. The goos also acknowledged to themselves that (due most likely due to the lifting power of the Eyeball Goo surpassing the Balloon Goo) they would never return.


In the game's Epilogue, after completing the final level, the telescope looks through space, and in a small cameo, sees the Eyeball Goo and Green Goo structure flying through space.

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