World of Goo Wiki
First appearance Observatory Observation Station
Color Reddish pink
Abilities Same as Balloon Goo; cannot be detached
Max attachments One
Whatever you do... don't play with the fish.

—your friend, the Telescope Operator
formerly, the Sign Painter
[Observatory Observation Station]

Fish are a special species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They appear in only one level, Observatory Observation Station, which is the last level of the Epilogue. They are essentially the same as Balloon Goo beside the fact they cannot be detached.


Fish are used for lifting things, just like Balloon and Eyeball Goo. In this case, they are used for lifting the final island of the Epilogue.

In the story

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Fish, like their alternate counterpart, Eyeball Goo, are responsible for the advancement of the plotline in World of Goo. Just like the Eyeball Goo lifted the Green Goo structure, the Fish actually raised an entire island (though it eventually came back down). Like the Eyeball Goo introduced the Green Goo to the four other chapters, the Fish allowed the Sign Painter to see past the thick layer of smog in the atmosphere and come to understand that all the Goos came through a filthy pipe system.


  • If one places all of their Fish on one attachment post, they will bunch together and push the fragile islands away (though it will not affect the outcome of the level).
  • Despite appearing very small during the level, they are actually quite large. This is because the camera is zoomed so far out to see the entire island.
  • Fish are the cause behind the telescope easter egg in Observatory Observation Station.
  • Fish do not lift things like Balloon or Eyeball Goo, that means by being lighter than air. Instead, Fish use small wings.