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Fly Away Little Ones
Fly Away Little Ones title.jpg
Fly Away Little Ones.png
Appears in Chapter 2
Tagline “multi-terrain hover mobile”
Goal 4 Goos
OCD ≥12 Goos
Time bugs Yes
Hazards Spikes
Music “Rain Rain Windy Windy”
Previous level Drool
Next level Blustery Day
For miles around, there were reports of a giant spinning wheel in the sky! Everyone is crazy but me.

the Sign Painter
[Fly Away Little Ones]

Fly Away Little Ones is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the second level of Chapter 2. In this level, the player must use Balloon Goo in order to move a Goo structure over a pit of spikes in order to first reach some sleeping Dark Black Goo and Water Goo, and then the exit pipe using the structure floating technique.


Manage the buoyancy. If it goes too high, take a Balloon off and let it sink a little. Also, the giant red plant in the background is not solid.

OCD Strategy

It may seem simple, but when lowering your pentagon into the hole at the bottom, the sides of it will touch the nearby spikes. If any roaming Goo Balls are on those attachments or legs, they will also touch the spikes. At the beginning of the level, lower the pentagon into the spikes. Your goal is to come out with a line of 3 attachments. Get all the Balls on the line, and lower it into the hole.

Video strategy

Solution: Fly Away Little Ones (Chapter 2)

OCD solution: Fly Away Little Ones (Chapter 2)