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Going Up
Going Up title.jpg
Going Up.png
Appears in Chapter 1
Tagline “easy as Goo pie”
New Goos Black Goo
Goal 4 Goos
OCD ≥11 Goos
Time bugs No
Music “Another Mysterious Pipe Appeared”
Next level Small Divide

Going Up is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the first level of Chapter 1. In this level, the player is introduced to a basic type of Goo Ball, the Black Goo. The player must use these Goos to build a short tower and thus reach the exit pipe, completing the level.


There's no real strategy in this level. Just build up to the pipe, and watch the Goo Balls jump in.

OCD Strategy

Complete the level using only 3 Goo Balls to build. It's still simple, but you have to extend the legs as much as possible. While dragging the Ball, the lines that show what the legs will look like when you drop it can become invisible yet still work. Keep this in mind when trying to make structures using as few Goo Balls as possible.


Video solutions

Solution: Going Up (Chapter 1)

OCD solution: Going Up (Chapter 1)