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Generic Properties of Goo Balls

Weight and gravity

Weight refers to how much a structure is affected by gravity. Loose Goo Balls, structure nodes (another name for attached Goo Balls) and structure attachments (also known as legs) have the same weight. The only Goo Balls with larger than normal weight are Beauty Goo, Ugly Goo, and Large Black Goo, which are appropriately larger.

The attached Goo Balls weigh more than loose Goo Balls due to additional weight of the attachments. Thus heavy structures can be made by using Goo which can form more attachments between nodes, like White Goo.

Structures and stability

The most stable structures are triangular-shaped. Usually if an additional node is added to the structure, its legs will adjust their length to near-medium. One of the most notable exceptions to this is White Goo.

  • Swaying is common when the weight of the structure and loose Goo on it becomes large,and the structure itself is not supported well, causing back-and-forth momentum. This creates tension between attachments of nodes. Swaying can be countered by:
    • Adding additional support to structure.

      An example of structure collapsing due to its weight

    • Removing weight from the unstable end of the structure. Most common ways for this is to use the whistle ability to drive loose Goo to stable part of the structure or to pick them up individually.
  • Collapsing is a generally undesirable phenomenon where the weight of unstable part of the structure becomes so heavy that one or more attachments bends drastically to reduce tension, causing the structure to fall. In levels without spikes and other killing hazards collapsing is often the main difficulty to overcome.
  • Wobbling is a phenomenon which sometimes occurs with Goo structures interacting with the environment. One example of this in Hang Low where making a heavy structure below the initial one causes 2 pieces of land to wobble.

Detachability of nodes

Nodes are Goo Balls made into structures. Some of them, most notably, Green Goo, can be detached manually.

There are also other ways for attached Goo to become loose again. Nodes of structures become loose Goo if:

  • Neighbor nodes, to which the node is attached, are destroyed.
  • Node hits boundary lines of some levels.
  • Node hits gears.
  • All Neighbor nodes are detachable and these nodes are detached.
  • Tension in legs between nodes becomes too heavy. This is extremely hard to achieve since structure will most likely collapse before that unless having Block Goo nearby which allows to break the attachments easily.

Comparison of Goo Balls and structures

Goo Official name Maximum legs Pick up with cursor Pipe access Detachable legs Flammable Explosive Goo can move on legs Invulnerable
Common.jpg Black Goo Common 2 Yes Normal No No No Yes No
Common Black.jpg Black Goo Common Black 2 Yes Normal No No No Yes No
Common Albino.jpg White Goo Common Albino 4 Yes Normal No No No Yes No
Drained.jpg Corporation Goo Drained/DrainedIsh 2 Yes N/A Yes N/A N/A Yes N/A
Ivy.jpg Green Goo Ivy 3 Yes Normal Yes Yes No Yes No
Fuse.jpg Red Goo Fuse 2 Yes Normal No Yes No Yes No
GooProduct.jpg Dark Black Goo GooProduct 0 No Normal No legs No No No legs No
Balloon.jpg Balloon Goo Balloon 1 Yes No Yes No No No No
Common.jpg Immobile Black Goo UtilChapter2 N/A No No No N/A N/A Yes No
EvilEye.jpg Eyeball Goo EvilEye 1 Yes Normal No No No No No
Water.jpg Water Goo Water 1 Yes Normal No No No Yes No
BeautyProduct.jpg Small Beauty Goo BeautyProduct 0 No Normal + Red No legs No No No legs No
UglyProduct.jpg Small Ugly Goo UglyProduct 0 No When Beauty is absent No legs No No No legs Yes
BeautyProductEye.jpg Small Beauty Goo (eye) BeautyProductEye 0 No Normal + Red No legs No No No legs No
BombShaft.jpg Bomb BombMini/BombShaft 8 No N/A No Yes Yes No No info
BombSticky.jpg Sticky Bomb BombSticky 5 Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Bone.jpg Skull Goo Bone 2 Yes Normal Yes No No No Yes
Pokey.jpg Spike Goo Pokey 4 Yes No Yes No No No No
ZBombMom.jpg Large Black Goo ZBombMom 0 No N/A No legs No No No legs Fragile
Albertt Beauty.jpg Beauty Goo Beauty 0 No No No legs No No No legs Fragile
Ugly.jpg Ugly Goo Ugly 0 No No No legs No No No legs Fragile
ZBomb.jpg Large Black Goo (shattered) ZBomb 0 No N/A No legs Yes No? No legs Presumably
Bit.jpg Launch Goo Bit 0 Launched Normal No legs Yes Yes No legs No
Pilot.jpg Infected Goo Pilot 1 Launched Normal No No No Yes No
Pixel.jpg Bright Square Goo Pixel 2 Yes Normal + Green No Yes No Yes No
PixelProduct.jpg Square Goo PixelProduct 0 No Normal + Green No legs Yes No No legs No
Hex.jpg Bright Green Goo Hex 0 No Normal + Green No legs No No No legs No
BlockHead.jpg Block Goo RectHead/BlockHead 0 Yes No No legs No No No legs No
Fish.jpg Fish Fish 1 Yes No No No No No No

Maximum legs

Shows how many "legs" the Goo Ball can have when attaching it to a structure.

  • 0: the Goo cannot attach to other Goos, like Dark Black Goo and Small Beauty Goo.
  • 1: the Goo can attach to one Goo Ball, like Water Goo and Infected Goo.
  • 2: the Goo can attach to two points on a structure, like Black Goo or Red Goo.
  • 3: the Goo can attach to three Goo Balls, like and Green Goo.
  • 4: the Goo can attach to four points on a Goo Ball structure, like White Goo and Spike Goo.
  • 5: the Goo can attach to five whole Goo Balls, like the Sticky Bomb.
  • N/A: It is not known how many Goo Balls it can attach to, as it cannot be picked up.

Pick up with cursor

If a Goo can be picked up and dragged with the mouse. Launched Goo cannot be freely moved, but they can be launched on spot.

  • Yes: the Goo can be picked up and carried, like Fish.
  • No: the Goo cannot be picked up by the player, like the Large Black Goo.
  • Launched: the Goo cannot be picked up, but can be aimed and fired to relocate it, like Launch Goo.

Pipe access

Shows which pipes Goo can enter, if any.

  • Normal: the Goo can be collected in standard black pipes, like Black Goo.
  • No: the Goo cannot be collected.
  • N/A: information is not available for this portion, usually because the Goo appeared in only a few levels.

Detachable legs

Of Goo has legs, shows which of them can be detached and reattached. Note that Goo Balls which aren't manually detachable, must use other means to detach them from each other. For an example, gears or edges of the screen.

  • Yes: the Goo can be taken off of its structure.
  • No: the Goo cannot be removed directly once placed.
  • No legs: the Goo cannot attached to structures and therefore cannot be attached or detached.


Shows if a Goo and its attachments can burn and spread fire.

  • Yes: the Goo Ball can burn, and if the same type of Goo made a structure, the structure will burn too.
  • No: the Goo Ball will be unharmed by fire, provided the structure the Goo Ball is on that's on fire is not over a pit.
  • N/A: information is not avalible for this portion, usually because the Goo appeared in only a few levels.


Shows if a Goo can explode.

  • Yes: the Goo Ball is capable of exploding, rather than popping, when lit on fire.
  • No: the Goo Ball may or may not be able to set on fire, but will not generate an explosion.

Goo can move on legs

Shows if loose Goo Balls can move along legs of the structure of the attached Goo.

  • Yes: the Goo Ball's legs provide a place for loose Goos to roam about.
  • No: the Goo Ball can attach to structures, but Goos cannot move on its legs.
  • No legs: the Goo Ball cannot be used to attach to structures.


Shows if Goo Balls themselves are impervious to spikes, blades, poison flowers, etc. They can still be killed by boundary lines or blown up if they're explosive.

  • Yes: the Goo Ball cannot killed by a blades, spikes or poison flowers. It can only be killed when falling off the screen.
  • No: the Goo Ball can be killed with blades, spikes and poison flowers.
  • Fragile: In addition to blades, spikes and poison flowers, it will also shatter on a contact with gears.