L goo

Launch Goo have the specific purpose of being used for navigating through open spaces and not forming legs.

Goo throwing is a technique present in World of Goo, in which the player manually launches Goo by picking it up and tossing it. Certain applications of Goo Throwing allow the player to suck up more Goo and finish levels in fewer moves. Larger goos appear to be more effective when thrown.


  • Nudging or launching sleeping Goo so they can climb onto existing structures without a cost of moves or Goo.
  • Nudging large Beauty Goo to their destination without building a structure under them. For example, in Beauty and the Electric Tentacle, small Goo can be used to launch the Beauty Goo to the other side without the use of extra Goo to build the structure.
  • Throwing Red Goo into fire and quickly bouncing it back into a flammable structure without needing to build to the fire. Note that airborne, thrown Goo will not catch fire unless it has bounced off a wall at least once.
  • Nudging goo structures to make them lean closer to a pipe or other destination, for example in the level Drool.
  • Reducing the time it takes to transport individual Goo balls. Especially useful for time-based OCD.

How to

  1. Pick up a Goo ball.
  2. Move the Goo ball in the air.
  3. While still moving the Goo ball, let go of it.

Mach Chuck

If you throw a Goo ball fast enough, it will pass through anything until it slows down enough to be tangible. This sometimes causes Goo to become embedded in the walls. This is most prominently useful in Incineration Destination's OCD alongside wall clinging.

It can also serve useful in the Upper Shaft OCD, where you can build a bridge to the pipe without the bomb. In Tumbler you can also use this technique and the rotation to reach the pipe quickly without building the structure.

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