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Graceful Failure
Graceful Failure title.jpg
Graceful Failure.png
Appears in Chapter 4
Tagline “unblocked”
Goal 4 Goos
OCD ≤36 seconds
Time bugs Yes
Music “Graphic Processing Unit”
Previous level Road Blocks
Next level Alice and Bob and the Third Party
It looks like this socket is BLOCKED! LOL. ROTFLMFAF. Did you know? Users used to wander the Information Superhighway sniffing for ports just like this to see if they could gain unauthorized access. But sometimes it was a trap... Brute force might work. But sometimes it requires billions of years of computation! Maybe if you strategically slide the variables around... the data will fall right into place!

—the totally 1337 Sign Painter
[Graceful Failure]

Graceful Failure is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the sixth level of Chapter 4. There is a small hole which leads to the pipe, but it is covered with numerous Block Goos. On top of them, there is a small Black Goo structure carrying Small Ugly Goo. The player must slide Block Goos away so that when the structure reaches the blades, Ugly Goos survive them and fall down where they can easily be lead to the pipe.


Quick fingers (or hands) are sure required for this one. If it appears to be tipping off, lean the block the structure is on to turn it into a slide.

OCD Strategy

Just throw everything off like you're possessed. Lean the blocks when needed.


  • A graceful failure is a term for a system or application to continue functioning after a failure of some of its components or illegal operation.
  • The Sign Painter uses "leetspeak" or internet slang, in this level. He uses the acronym LOL (Laughing out Loud) and the "word" 1337 (leet), which means elite or awesome. He also says ROTFLMFAF, which does not stand for anything but bears similarity to the acronym ROTFLMAO.
  • An extra Goo method is to use a rectangle road block to force the structure down to the pipe. This gives 7 Goos in total (or 8 if one of the Dark Black Goos survive).

Video strategy

Solution: Graceful Failure (Chapter 4)

OCD solution: Graceful Failure (Chapter 4)