Apple falling

The bend in the chain of Immobile Black Goo is caused by gravity pulling down on it. This section of the chain is more affected by gravity than other sections due to the Green Goo hanging down from it; they increase its weight.

Gravity or gravitation is one of the physics-based aspects of the video game World of Goo. It acts as a force. It is similiar to real world gravity: it pulls Goo and other objects in a downward direction. In World of Goo, this is most often an impediment to the player's progress. When trying to build a tower, like in Tower of Goo, or a bridge, like in Ode to the Bridge Builder gravity will pull down on the structure and can cause the structure to topple over. Creating base support and counterweights can help structures resist gravity. Weight refers to how much a structure is affected by gravity.


  • The most prominent deviation from normal gravity appears in Graphic Processing Unit which has circular gravity with a tiny planet in the center of it, showing planetary gravitation.
  • In The Server Farm, gravity causes trouble by causing a large platform to lose balance.

Defying gravity

Because the object of World of Goo is often to build upwards, gravity is one of the most difficult elements to overcome. Goos like Balloon Goo give buoyancy to objects and help them stay up without falling over.