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Green Goo
First appearance Ivy Towers
Color Green
Abilities Detachable
Can be collected
Max attachments Three
A new species of Goo Ball! I must say, they look quite beautiful... Maybe they have commitment anxiety, I'm not sure, but it looks like they can be easily detached from each other.

the helpful Sign Painter
[Ivy Towers]

Green Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They have an extra ability, and however simple the purpose, it is very useful: the ability to be detached from other Goo and reattached. This ability makes many levels easier to do without retrying. For example, in Ivy Towers, if your structure falls, you can reconnect the Green Goo and try again.


A Green Goo structure, with some still on it

Ivies are used mostly for connecting and collecting, however, they are used for variable situations, like building a structure in water, where something can go wrong after a lot of hard work. Their special ability has also given birth to strategies such as wall clinging and pipe hanging. They are also flammable, as poison flowers function identically to fire.


Green Goo is an improved version of Black Goo; one extra leg, and the ability to detach. In World of Goo Corporation, a species that is a mix is found. Black coloring, two legs, but the ability to be detached.