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Hang Low
Hang Low title.jpg
Hang Low.png
Appears in Chapter 1
Tagline “wake the sleeping Goo”
New Goos White Goo
Goal 8 Goos
OCD ≥22 Goos
Time bugs No
Music “Rain Rain Windy Windy”
Previous level Small Divide
Next level Impale Sticky
This cave looks like it's been undisturbed for thousands of years... Until now! When the pipe broke through the ceiling above, the sunlight must have blinded these rare Albino [White] Goo Balls. They didn't seem to notice when it began to snow. Maybe they would wake up if they had something to jump onto.

the Sign Painter
[Hang Low]

Hang Low is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the third level of Chapter 1. In this level, White Goo is introduced. The player must wake some sleeping White Goo, then use them to build a tower to the exit pipe. Completing this level unlocks the World of Goo Corporation.


Instead of building up, well, hang low. This will wake up the sleeping White Goo at the bottom. After, build up to the pipe.

OCD Strategy

First, use a White Goo and build straight up as high as it will let you with all 4 legs. Make sure you can get to the pipe using only 6 Goos (you may need to throw Goo at the structure to get it close enough to the pipe). Once done, take the roaming White Goo off of the structure to make sure they don't get to the pipe. Now, use Goo throwing on the sleeping Goo to get all of them to start climbing on the structure. If the amount of Goo Balls takes the structure away from the pipe, take some off to reduce weight and throw Goo at it.


Video strategy

Solution: Hang Low (Chapter 1)

OCD solution: Hang Low (Chapter 1)