World of Goo Wiki
Immobile Black Goo
Color Black/gray
Abilities Always strung together
Can be collected
Max attachments Unknown
Try not to snap the fragile worker cable, it appears to be made from heavily processed Goo.

—the free Sign Painter
[Welcoming Unit]

Immobile Black Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They appear in a few levels, like Beauty School and Welcoming Unit. They are always found built together at the start of a level. Other types of Goo cannot climb on them. However, in certain levels like Welcoming Unit, they can be broken apart using gears and collected in normal pipes, a necessary action if you are shooting for OCD. When they're broken up, they behave identically to Dark Black Goo , except they move a bit slower. Their maximum number of attachments is unknown, but it is most likely 2, as no larger number has been seen in the game.

They are called 'Processed Goo' by the Sign Painter, suggesting that the Corporation has already drained them and limited their abilities, or simply rose from the pollution that was already present.

In summary, the main purpose of this type of Goo is to act as a weight or platform that the player cannot affect in any way, either by throwing Goo at it or attaching Balloon Goo.

Although they are meant to be immobile, they are not, as:

Even the ones in Graphic Processing Unit can move (found at the very edge of the level.)