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Incineration Destination
Incineration Destination title.jpg
Incineration Destination.png
Appears in Chapter 3
Tagline “the puzzling adventure”
Goal 12 Goos
OCD ≤34 moves
Time bugs Yes
Hazards Fire
Music “Regurgitation Pumping Station”
Previous level You Have To Explode The Head
Next level Product Launcher
The smell... burns... eyes... Good thing I'm not here right now. This garbage dump must be where the whole Island's waste and evidence comes for disposal. Judging by the buildup, we must be getting close to the launch of the new Product.

the Sign Painter
[Incineration Destination]

Incineration Destination is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the ninth level of Chapter 3. In this level, there's a red pipe on the left side of the level blocked by wall, numerous sleeping Small Beauty Goos on a right side of a level blocked by another wall, and a large burning pit between them. The player must use Sticky Bombs to blow up the walls (thus releasing Small Beauty Goos and opening a path to the red pipe), Red Goo to build a continuous fuse between two Sticky Bombs and fire, and White Goos to build a nonflammable structure on top of it which allows Small Beauty Goos to traverse over the pit once the Red Goo structure is burnt. Finally, remaining Goos have to be used to build to reach the red pipe. To ease the situation, most of the walls are sticky.


Strategy and OCD Strategy

They're pairing up. Simply completing the level requires good strategy that also tends to get you the OCD. Build a bridge with Red Goo at the bottom and White Goo on top. Make a good foothold, add support, all that. The goal here is to connect the Red Goo here to the Red Goo on the other side. Once done, connect the White Goo to the White Goo on the right side. Place the Sticky Bombs into their positions and then light the Fuse. Build up.


Video strategy

Solution: Incineration Destination (Chapter 3)

OCD solution: Incineration Destination (Chapter 3)