World of Goo Wiki
Infected Goo
First appearance Grape Vine Virus
Color Red
Abilities Will connect with a structure if launched near it
Can be collected
Max attachments One
It says... 'This area is infected. Keep out.'

Infected Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They are either found, or made by firing Launch Goo into infected water. They can still be fired, but this time with an addition: they will automatically connect with a line structure if they get close enough and don't fly too fast. Therefore, this makes them similar to Water Goo, who possess the same ability to an extent, except Water Goo can also connect to the non-line structures.


As seen in Grape Vine Virus, these Goos are used for making lines downward, usually to get in reach of other Launch Goo, or to connect to a pipe, like in Alice and Bob and the Third Party. They can only connect with another Infected Goo nodes. Connectivity of Infected Goo is likely a reference to botnets.


These Goo have the same ability as Water Goo; that is, they can connect to each other using one leg and form a line. However, Water Goo do not need to be launched, as they can be picked up an carried, so hitting a line too hard and causing it to swing is not a problem.