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Infesty the Worm
Infesty the Worm title.jpg
Infesty the Worm.png
Appears in Epilogue
Tagline “Infesty Grows Up”
Goal 4 Goos
OCD ≥16 Goos
Time bugs Yes
Music “Rain Rain Windy Windy”
Previous level Deliverance
Next level Weather Vane
This is the tallest island in the entire world! And these must be the final three challenges. They will be very difficult. You'll have to leave some behind. But that's ok. We're all in it together.

—I can see you, the Sign Painter
[Infesty the Worm]

Infesty the Worm is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the first level of the Epilogue. In this level, there's a long Black Goo structure (presumed to be "Infesty") situated between two small tilting platforms. Players must use the help of the Balloon Goos and wind (which is stronger in the higher parts of the level) to raise the structure and make it fall to another platform. That process has to be repeated a few times and structure extended when necessary until the pipe is reached.

Another way

It is also possible to lower the structure into the bottom so that only six or so nodes are left and it could be lifted by the Balloon Goo and move it with the help of winds. This helps to gather more Goo Balls.

Strategy and OCD Strategy

The strategy mentioned above works well. At the beginning, attach all of the Balloons to the top left corner of good old Infesty, then take one of the Goos and bash it against the platform on the right a few times (try to pick it back up for OCD). If you're going for OCD, start using the whistle so that the Goos will stay on top of the structure and, therefore, survive. If you also detach one of the Balloons while the worm is being dropped, there should be 5 or so nodes left. Carry it to the right with the Balloons and pick up all the Goos along the way. At one point it'll be too heavy for just 3 Balloons. Use the ones you pick up along the way.


  • This is one of three levels to have a capital letter in its tagline (the other two being Going Up and Hang Low), and the only of the three to have every word of the tagline capitalized.
  • The capitalization may be a suggestion to the strategy of the level as well as a joke. While the level is essentially Infesty the worm "growing up", the emphasis may mean that Infesty only grows up. This may be a reference to how the level is designed for the player to lift one end of Infesty, extend him so that he can reach the next platform, then move on.

Video strategy

Solution: Infesty the Worm (Epilogue)

OCD solution: Infesty the Worm (Epilogue)