World of Goo Wiki
Large Black Goo
First appearance Product Launcher
Color Dark black
Abilities Releases smaller Goos
Smaller Goos are flammable/explosive
Max attachments None

Large Black Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They are only found in one level, Product Launcher, and are responsible for advancing the story. Like Beauty Goo, these larger Goos release smaller ones when shattered by gears. Three Large Black Goo are found in Product Launcher, and they are all being supported by Green Goo. Upon removing the Green Goo, the Large Black Goos fall and shatter into the gears, and release the smaller Dark Black Goo, which are actually a slight variation, with the only difference being that the released version has eyes and is flammable and explosive.


The Large Black Goo are only used for being shattered, but the Goos they release are used for exploding things, as they are numerous and flammable.


The Large Black Goo are a variation of Beauty Goo. The Goo Balls it releases are a variation of Dark Black Goo and Red Goo.