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Launch Goo
First appearance Hello, World
Color Green
Abilities Can be fired off at an angle similar to throwing
Cannot be picked up
Flammable and explosive
Can be collected

Launch Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They cannot be picked up; instead they have the hindrance of needing to be launched at an angle, hence the name. Launching is impractical when compared to picking up and carrying a Goo, making the levels these Goo appear in more difficult. Launching a Goo also counts as a move. These Goo have an extra ability to turn into Infected Goo, through the use of infected water.


Launch Goo, however impractical, have a few uses. As evidenced in Deliverance, they can be individually set aflame, and then set others aflame as well. They also have weak explosive power comparable to Bombs and Sticky Bombs which is used to destroy some objects. They can also be fired at strings of Goo line to make them swing, as also seen in Deliverance.


  • Infected Goo share the same ability to be fired, however, they can possess legs.