World of Goo Wiki

The Chapter Selection Screen of World of Goo, with Chapter 2 selected.

In the video game World of Goo, the map screen is where the player selects chapters and levels to play. There are 6 map screens - one for each chapter (except World of Goo Corporation) and for chapter selection that depicts the planet on which the game takes place. The song, World of Goo Beginning plays.

Chapter selection map

The chapter selection map is the first map screen in the game, and the first screen the player sees whenever they start the game. This screen shows the planet on which the game takes place. From here, the player can select one of the six islands on the planet, each one of which contains a chapter. The goo balls on this screen are interactive, as the player can pick them up and throw them around. At first, they will only be able to select one of the islands (Chapter 1), but will unlock more as they progress though the game, culminating in the Epilogue. From this screen, one can also watch the credits or change save files (the game uses autosave).

Part of the Chapter 1 map screen. The levels are represented by gray dots.

Chapter maps

For five of the six chapters, there is a map screen. These screens depict the often surreal landscape of the island on which the chapter takes place. From this screen, you can select levels, shown as gray blobs on the landscape. When the player clears a level, a pipe is created which flows to a new location and creates a new level. Progression through the map screen is fairly linear, though there are sometimes junctions, which eventually rejoin. Once the final level of a chapter is cleared, a new chapter with it's own map screen is unlocked.