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Product Launcher
Product Launcher title.jpg
Product Launcher.png
Appears in Chapter 3
Tagline “happy new year”
New Goos Large Black Goo
Goal Set the shattered Large Black Goos aflame
OCD ≤12 moves
Time bugs No
Music “Cog in the Machine”
Previous level Incineration Destination
Next level Hello, World
Happy New Year! The last of the Goo Balls didn't seem to notice they were part of an internationally televised World of Goo Corporation Product Launch Event. The color pamphlet they were handing out indicates the product will change the world forever. Shhh...! They are about to reveal World of Goo Corporation's new 'Product Z'...!

—see you after the show, the Sign Painter
[Product Launcher]

Product Launcher is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the tenth and final level of Chapter 3. In this level, the player is presented with three Large Black Goos, which are only found in this level. They seem to be a combination of Beauty Goo, Red Goo, and Dark Black Goo. Like Beauty Goo, they can split into many smaller versions of themselves. However, they are also flammable, like Red Goo, and have the color and immobility of Dark Black Goo. The player must detach some Green Goo to release the Large Black Goos. The Goos released from the Large Black Goos will then wake up some sleeping Red Goos, which must make a tower to a flame. Once the top of the level explodes, the player completes the level.

The Product Launcher's gun


To make OCD easier, leave the Large Black Goo on the top behind. Only the amount of two shattered Large Black Goo is needed to explode the top of the level. If you already know where the fire is, you can try to shoot Red Goos to it and hope they will start burning and won't explode until they fall, so they can burn other Goos - OCD in 2 moves.

It is also possible to pick one goo from the second chain. Then shoot the goo at the Large Black goo at the bottom. Then shoot loads of Red Goos upwards. If they hit the flame and set the structure alight, it will count as 1 move, but when you look at the moves counter, it will read 1 moves instead of 1 move.


No strategy, really. OCD Strategy is just one floor up.

Video strategy

Solution: Product Launcher (Chapter 3)

OCD solution: Product Launcher (Chapter 3)