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Red Goo
First appearance Burning Man
Color Reddish brown bodies, light brown legs
Abilities Flammable
Can be collected
Max attachments Two
The fire flickers with possibilities. I wonder what happens if you get a little closer...

the Sign Painter
[Burning Man]

Red Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. Resembling matchsticks, these Goo behave like Black Goo, except they will burst into fire and pop after a few seconds if touched by flame. They can spread fire to other Goo Balls too, as fire will travel along their legs. This is first demonstrated when are are first encountered in the level Burning Man. They are only found in Chapter 3, but are used often in that chapter.


  • Like Black Goo, they can be used to construct structures
  • Often used to set structures aflame
  • Building fuses to bombs and Sticky Bombs


  • In Product Launcher the Large Black Goo are broken down into smaller forms that are also flammable. However these Goo cannot be picked up like the Red Goo can.

A picture of the Red Goo and the leg it creates