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Regurgitation Pumping Station
Regurgitation Pumping Station title.jpg
Regurgitation Pumping Station.png
Appears in Chapter 1
Tagline “it's a secret”
New Goos Eyeball Goo
Goal Fly past top of the level
OCD ≤42 moves
Time bugs No
Objects Water
Hazards Gears
Music “Regurgitation Pumping Station”
Previous level Ode to the Bridge Builder
Next level Drool
The last of the Goo Balls didn't seem to know that they were extremely delicious or about the nature of the smelly pit in which they found themselves. There is something to be said about this being the last level of the first chapter... whatever that means.

the Sign Painter
[Regurgitation Pumping Station]

Regurgitation Pumping Station is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the twelfth and final level of Chapter 1. In this level, Green Goo must be built up and out of what appears to be a stomach. At the top of the throat, the Goo is connected to a variation of Balloon Goo that resembles an eyeball, and then lifted off into the air. Notably, this level does not have an exit pipe. When the level is cleared, the ending to Chapter 1 is seen and Chapter 2 is unlocked.


Similarly to Tumbler, A good strategy is to just keep building up towards the goal. You can also build a "boat" by building sideways with the Green Goo against the walls to prevent it from rolling. However, it will likely sink once enough weight is on it.

OCD Strategy

The boat strategy works for this. If it begins to sink, add more Green Goo to the sides to brace the structure against the walls more. Continue upwards.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

After clearing the level, a cutscene is shown. In this cutscene, the Goo structure built in Regurgitation Pumping Station is seen floating in the air, carried by the Eyeball variation of Balloon Goo. Along the side of the screen, slowly scrolling text concludes the chapter. The text reads as follows:

From very high up and with some totally huge new eyes, the Goo Balls could see very far.

In every direction, they could see unexplored new islands, each crawling with undiscovered new SPECIES OF GOO.

The gameplay possibilities would certainly be endless!

The Goo Balls hoped a brave adventurer would explore their new discoveries...

... as they drifted higher and higher, they knew they would never be back...

Video strategy

Solution: Regurgitation Pumping Station (Chapter 1)

OCD solution: Regurgitation Pumping Station (Chapter 1)