Sleeping Goo
Maybe they would wake up if they had something to jump onto.

The Sign Painter
[Hang Low]

Sleeping is a state where loose Goo Balls or Goo structures are immobile and unresponsive. Sleeping Goo Balls cannot be picked up nor do they move around on the ground. Sleeping Goo Balls forming structures cannot be used to build structures. Sleeping Goo can be awakened by moving an "awake" structure, or moving a Beauty Goo or Small Beauty Goo close to it. Sleeping is common in World of Goo, and can be found in many levels. When a Goo is awakened, an exclamation mark appears above their heads and a sound effect indicates that they have woken up. They are first seen in Small Divide where the player must build a bridge across to some sleeping Goo.

Some sleeping Goo Balls can be nudged closer to an "awake" structure to wake the Goo Ball up, but some sleeping Goo Balls will not move even if nudged by other Goos.