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Small Beauty Goo (BeautyProduct)
First appearance Beauty School
Color Pink (body)
White-black (eyes)
Abilities Can enter normal and red pipes

Small Beauty Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They are Goo Balls which are released when a Beauty Goo touches a gear. They are first introduced in Beauty School and behave very much like Dark Black Goos and Small Ugly Goo as they cannot be used to build structures nor they can be picked up manually. The difference from the aforementioned Goos is that they are the only Goo balls capable of entering red pipes.


  • Small Beauty Goo are used simply for collection by red pipe

Extra parts

Because the Goos released are smaller bits of the larger Beauty Goo, some of the small Goos released resemble eyes. Though Beauty Goo and Ugly Goo have different eyes, the smaller versions of their eyes do not, and therefore, when both Small Beauty Goo and Small Ugly Goo are present, the eyes of either Goo can be collected by the red pipe. This makes it possible in Genetic Sorting Machine to get a few extra Goos.


The Goos released from a Beauty Goo