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This article is about the Goo that can stick to nearly any surface. For the Goo that can touch and survive spikes, see Skull Goo.
Spike Goo
First appearance The Third Wheel
Color Yellow
Abilities Can hold on to many surfaces without falling
Max attachments Four
A horrible new species of Goo Ball! It’s the most vile of all. They are extremely rare, and as a result, have become quite lonely. I think I read online somewhere that when they attach to other Goo Balls, they sprout dozens of ‘Love spikes’ that can grab onto almost any surface. And won’t let go. The other Goo Balls try to avoid eye contact.

the Sign Painter
[The Third Wheel]

Spike Goo is a species of Goo found in the video game World of Goo. This yellow Goo appears in only two levels, The Third Wheel and Water Lock. They can stick to any non-spiky surface and can have four legs maximum. Like Green Goo and Skull Goo, they can also be detached from a structure. However, they cannot enter any pipes, nor can it activate a pipe. In addition, loose Goo will not travel on the Spike Goo's attachments.


  • Used to stick structures to surfaces, helping them reach new places. (in theory, they would also be used to add stability to structure, but none of those uses are present in official levels).


  • The Spike Goo vaguely resembles the Sticky Bomb, in terms of abilities and uses.


  • They both stick to surfaces
  • They can both be detached
  • Their overall appearances change when attached (body and eyes enlarge)
  • They both have 4 attachments (unconfirmed if the Sticky Bomb has 5 attachments)


  • Their colors are different, (Sticky Bomb are gray while Spike Goo are yellow)
  • Sticky Bombs can stand on spikes, while the actual Spike Goo will die when touching them
  • Sticky Bombs are explosive, unlike Spike Goo
  • Spike Goos cling onto structures, but Sticky Bombs cannot