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This article is about the Goo similar to Black Goo and Red Goo. For the Goo that sometimes takes the same shape with a much different effect, see Block Goo.
Square Goo
(Pixel / PixelProduct)
First appearance Hello, World
Color Neon green
Abilities PixelProduct is flammable
Can be collected
Max attachments Two

Square Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. First introduced in Hello, World, Square Goo are, in effect, functionally identical to Black Goo. However, in appearance, these are very unique. Being introduced and found in Chapter 4, they take on an interesting design of neon green, cubed figures.

In Deliverance, a slightly altered version of the Square Goo is introduced, being darker in color, with the added ability of being flammable, which makes the alternate resemble Red Goo as opposed to Black.


The two variations are simply alterations of Black Goo and Red Goo, respectively, and therefore they have the ability to attach permanently to a structure with two legs or burst into flames. These are mostly used for extending the flying distance for Launch Goo, as seen in Bulletin Board System.