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Sticky Bomb
First appearance You Have To Explode The Head
Color Dark gray/light black
Abilities Flammable
Attach to anything
Can touch spikes
Max attachments Five
Not to be confused with the regular Bomb.
Shhh...! Sticky Bombs were supposed to have been outlawed. They are extremely dangerous. And stick to any surface. Good thing it's sleeping.

—the law abiding Sign Painter
[You Have To Explode The Head]

Sticky Bombs are a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. They are first encountered in the level You Have To Explode The Head. They are said by the Sign Painter to have been outlawed. Sticky Bombs can be stuck to a surface or to other Goos. When they come into contact with fire, they explode. These explosions can destroy walls and other objects. In You Have To Explode The Head, it also turns out that they can withstand surfaces with spikes. Loose Goo Balls cannot travel along a Sticky Bomb's legs.

They are able to have maximum of 8 attachments, the most of any Goos, although in the main game, it's not very notable due to their rarity.


The Sticky Bomb vaguely resembles the Spike Goo, in terms of abilities and uses.


  • They both stick to surfaces
  • They can both be detached
  • Their overall appearance change when attached (body and eyes enlarge)
  • They both have 4 attachments (it is unconfirmed whether there are 5 or not)

Two sleeping Sticky Bombs


  • Their colors are different, (Sticky Bomb are gray while Spike Goo are yellow)
  • Sticky Bombs can stand on spikes, while the actual Spike Goo will die when touching them
  • Sticky Bombs can explode, unlike Spike Goos
  • A Sticky Bomb will not cling onto the structure (like the Eyeball Goo) but a Spike Goo will