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The Server Farm
The Server Farm title.jpg
The Server Farm.png
Appears in Chapter 4
Tagline “cpu cycles at low low prices!”
Goal 4 Goos
OCD ≥24 Goos
Time bugs No
Music “Another Mysterious Pipe Appeared”
Previous level Alice and Bob and the Third Party
Next level MOM's Computer
I wonder what all these servers do now that nobody is here to use them anymore? This one says it comes with a '99.9% stability guarantee'!* That's almost 100%!

—the Virtual Sign Painter
[The Server Farm]

The Server Farm is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the eighth level of Chapter 4. The level itself takes place on one giant server, with more than twenty-five million smaller servers in the background. The servers look like disturbing humanoids with no nose or mouth. In this level, you must simply use Black Goos to build a tower to the pipe. However, the floor is unstable, making the structure easier to collapse. Thus you can counter this by using wall clinging on the opposite side of the platform.


The pipe is on the right side, so naturally, keep weight on the left side to balance. If you can manage the balance, it shouldn't be all too hard to build up to the pipe. Not that it's the easiest thing ever, either.

OCD Strategy

Cling to the bottom of the unstable platform (ripped off) and from here, one of the only options you have is to put a little weight on the left and build almost straight up to get to the pipe once you start leaning right. It's pretty hard, but I got nothing else.


  • The name of this level is refers to a server farm, a room literally filled with roughly 200 - 25,000 servers.
  • There is an invisible sphere right below the hinge on the server platform. This is supposedly to keep the platform from breaking by acting as a hinge fastener.

Video strategy

Solution: The Server Farm (Chapter 4)

OCD solution: The Server Farm (Chapter 4)