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Tumbler title.jpg
Appears in Chapter 1
Tagline “keep growing”
Goal 8 Goos
OCD ≥35 Goos
Time bugs No
Music “Tumbler”
Previous level Ivy Towers
Next level Chain
Some winners are bigger than other winners! Look in each area's MENU for more important information.

—with distinction, the Sign Painter

Tumbler is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the sixth level of Chapter 1. In this level, the player must use Green Goo to get into the exit pipe. However, the entire level is constantly rotating. These rotations must be overcome or used to the player's advantage. Pipe hanging is then used for OCD.


The constant rotating of the level may seem discouraging, but in fact it's not as hard as it seems. Whenever the structure tumbles, keep building up towards the pipe. Eventually you'll reach it.

OCD Strategy

Pretty much the same thing as the Ivy Towers. Use the above strategy to build to the pipe, then use pipe hanging to get all of the Balls in the pipe.

Video strategy

Solution: Tumbler (Chapter 1)

OCD solution: Tumbler (Chapter 1)