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Upper Shaft
Upper Shaft title.jpg
Upper Shaft.png
Appears in Chapter 3
Tagline “strategic demolition”
Goal 10 Goos
OCD ≥45 Goos
Time bugs Yes
Music “Burning Man”
Previous level Super Fuse Challenge Time
Next level Misty's Long Bony Road
These walls look weak. But maybe it's because I've been working out. I'm so firm and well-toned. 35 minutes of cardio then upper torso and abs. It's really hot in here. Especially down that way. Good thing there aren't any explosives nearby.

the Sign Painter
[Upper Shaft]

Upper Shaft is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the fourth level of Chapter 3. The player needs to lower the encased Bomb low enough for it to touch the walls, light the fuse to explode the Bomb and open up the walls. Finally, the player must extend a structure to the pipe located across the shaft while avoiding spikes and blades.

Due to lack of Water Goos and the fact that the Bomb case is already attached to the hanging structure, an alternative method of lowering it must be used in this level to extend the structure by using Green Goos.

Easy method

Another way is to use wall clinging with Green Goos across the gap, (after dropping the bomb). If you do this correctly, the amounts may total to 50+ Goos.


Our goal here, of course, is to lower and then explode the Bomb. The most efficient way is to attach a Green Goo to the left or right side of the string. The attachment can be 2 or 3 legs. Place another directly below it, making sure it attaches to the other one you just attached. Then remove the attachment that is now surrounded by legs. It should lower the Bomb a little. Keep doing this until it gets to the wall. Using the Red Goo, build down to the fire. The Bomb and the walls near it will explode. Next, build a bunch of weight on the left side with Black Goo. Continue carefully building to the pipe, using or detaching Green Goo when needed.

OCD Strategy

After lowering the Bomb, take all of the Red Goos up above the Bomb to crawl along the line. If you lowered the Bomb just enough, the screw holding the Bomb should be just above the walls. After all the Red Goos are roaming on the green line, take some back off and start building down from the red line with the Red Goo. Once the Bomb explodes, and if the screw is right above where the walls were, use Goo throwing to move the screw left until it touches the wall. It will get stuck to the wall. With this, there's not nearly as much of a need to add weight to the Black Goo structure. Build towards and connect to the screw and do your best to reach the pipe with few Balls. Remember to use mostly Green Goo as they can still detach and be put into the pipe if you don't have enough. Also, remember to detach the green line Goos.

Video strategy

Solution: Upper Shaft (Chapter 3)

OCD solution: Upper Shaft (Chapter 3)