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Water Goo
First appearance Drool
Color Clear
Abilities One leg attachment gives the ability to make lines downward
Can be collected
Max attachments One
There's a drop of water dangling from that cliff... And I think it might be alive. Yuck. I'm not touching it.

—the longlost Sign Painter

Water Goo is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. As a Goo, its primary function is to help with building. Because this type of Goo can only attach to one spot, it makes it valuable for building single strands of Goo downwards. This ability is featured prominently in the Chapter 2 level, Drool.


Normally, creating single threads of Goo lines downwards needs to be done in a manner similar to the strategy used in Upper Shaft. This type of Goo, however, does just that, without the extra moves. Other than this ability, Water Goo are pretty basic.


  • Beauty and the Electric Tentacle has a variation of Water Goo, called Shadowed Water Goo. They are the same as the regular Water Goo but black in color.
  • Infected Goo also have a similar ability to make strands of goo, though they need to be fired from a spot first, like Launch Goo. Also, unlike Infected Goo, Water Goo can be attached to any structure compared to Infected Goo which can attach to only other Infected Goo structures.

A regular Water Goo