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Water Lock
Water Lock title.jpg
Water Lock.png
Appears in Chapter 3
Tagline “eureka”
Goal 36 Goos
OCD ≥44 Goos
Time bugs No
Music “Brave Adventurers”
Previous level The Third Wheel
Next level You Have To Explode The Head
...glarggf... ...glrgl...

the Sign Painter is sinking
[Water Lock]

Water Lock is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the seventh level of Chapter 3. In this level, the player is pitted with a Spike Goo and numerous Dark Black Goos, with a rotating massive wishbone-like structure in the middle. Some may be confused and think that the player has to work around the wishbone, but it is actually more simple than that. The player must latch the Spike Goo onto the ball of the wishbone, wait until at bottom, then detach the Spike Goo. This launches the structure towards the pipe. However, the momentum also flicks huge numbers off, so the player must repeat the aforementioned steps.

B goo.png


Do exactly as mentioned above.

OCD Strategy

Repeat until conditions (and you) are satisfied.


• It is possible to go behind the fingers and attach to the back, due to generally untested programming.

Video strategy

Solution: Water Lock (Chapter 3)

OCD solution: Water Lock (Chapter 3)