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Weather Vane
Weather Vane title.jpg
Weather Vane.png
Appears in Epilogue
Tagline “cloudy with a chance of doom”
Goal 6 Goos
OCD ≥42 Goos
Time bugs Yes
Music “Threadcutter”
Previous level Infesty the Worm
Next level Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee
Remember when you found your first spinning kill blade? We were so young back then. Not that it matters. Nobody will ever make it to the other side. Can you see me waving?

the Sign Painter
[Weather Vane]

Weather Vane is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the second level of the Epilogue. There is a starting structure on the island, a pipe above the bottomless pit and a large blade located between them. In addition, there are numerous Balloon Goos and Black Goos sleeping on several thick clouds. The player must navigate around the blade with the help of Black Goos and Balloon Goos to reach the pipe which can prove quite difficult.

It's possible to collect more than 90 Goo Balls in this level by using the structure floating technique. However, this is extremely difficult to achieve, requiring a large amount of skill and luck.


Keep weight on the left side when heading for the Balloons. Keep in mind that even if it seems like the Balloons are taking your structure too high, it's because of the thick cloud. In fact, you probably want ALL the Balloons on the structure before you dip below the cloud.

OCD Strategy

This is already a difficult level, so just try to lose as few Goo Balls as possible.

Video strategy

Solution: Weather Vane (Epilogue)

OCD solution: Weather Vane (Epilogue)