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Welcoming Unit
Welcoming Unit title.jpg
Welcoming Unit.png
Appears in Chapter 2
Tagline “please wipe your feet”
Goal 36 Goos
v1.5: 30 Goos
OCD ≥61 Goos
v1.5: ≥51 Goos
Time bugs No
Objects Water with two-directional airflow
Thick cloud
Hazards Gears
Music “Brave Adventurers”
Previous level Blustery Day
Next level Beauty School
It only allows meticulously screened Goo Balls onto the main island. You can't be too careful these days! Especially since the power source for the entire world is located somewhere on this island. But... try not to snap the fragile worker cable, it appears to be made from heavily processed Goo.

—the free Sign Painter
[Welcoming Unit]

Welcoming Unit is a level in the video game World of Goo. It is the fourth level of Chapter 2. In this level, the player must use Balloon Goo and Green Goo to get Dark Black Goo up a gear and through a gate to the exit pipe. This level also features a "Secret Disposal Hole" which will send any Goo that falls in back to the beginning of the level (and is very useful for gaining OCD) and a "Freedom Scraper 3000" which can detach Goo structures that come into contact with the gear on it.


Use the Green Goo to pick up as much of the Dark Black Goo as you can, and attach some of the Balloons on the cloud to the metal. Some of the Goo will make it to the other side, some will go into the gears and back to the beginning. As long as you have enough Goo Balls on the other side, you can simply use the Balloons to float up to the pipe.

OCD Strategy

Start by lifting up the metal with the Balloons, and then attach the other to the structure. It may take a while, but the goal is to get the structure to go left and touch the gear. You only need one to fall off the structure. From here, get all of the Dark Black Goo over to the other side, which may also take a while. If you notice the structure bobbing in the water a lot, attach a couple Balloons to it.

In addition to that, the chain can be disassembled by attaching a Green Goo on the inner side. When the Green Goo gets to the "Freedom Scraper 3000", the Dark Black Goos starts detaching and falling to the right. It is possible to get as many as 92 goos into the pipe by exploiting the chain, in addition to fully disassembling the existing Black Goo structure (which provides 5 Black Goos). See this video for an example.


  • This level is also called "Immigration Naturalization Unit."
  • This is one of few levels where every collectible Goo Ball can be collected in the pipe.

Video strategy

Solution: Welcoming Unit (Chapter 2)

OCD solution: Welcoming Unit (Chapter 2)