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White Goo
(Common Albino)
Common Albino.jpg
First appearance Hang Low
Color Silver-White
Abilities Legs don't adjust their length
Can be collected
Max attachments Four
When the pipe broke through the ceiling above, the sunlight must have blinded these rare Albino Goo Balls. They didn't seem to notice when it began to snow. Maybe they would wake up if they had something to jump onto.

the Sign Painter
[Hang Low]

White Goo, also known as Albino Goo, is a species of Goo in the video game World of Goo. Their purpose is simple: connect to other Goos with their four legs. Despite the two additional legs when compared to Black Goo, White Goo remains very simple in purpose. Also, unlike Black Goo, once attached, they don't adjust the length of their legs to the extent of Black Goo, allowing to build more tight or loose structures. They cannot be set on fire.

White Goo as seen in Hang Low


Because of the amount of legs this Goo can connect with and the fact that their length isn't adjusted much after construction, it is very good for building stable structures upwards. Due to a larger amount of possible legs, structures it makes are heavier, as referenced in The Red Carpet. This can be a help, though it is most often a hindrance.


White Goo are improved versions of Black Goo, though they fall short of Green Goo's ability.

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